Excellent Work Ethic. Every single piano player knows what it’s like to face challenges. … Having the personal fortitude and work ethic to look at any difficult passage, and practice it until it’s perfect.

Pianist (Peeh-ann-ist) would be best suit for the title of someone who plays a Pianoor Piano like instrument like an Organ, Synthesizer, or even possibly Digital PianoChords on said instruments on a computer.

There are many and varied reasons to play the piano. It is a beautiful instrument with a beautiful look and a beautiful sound. … Thus, unlike instruments like the flute or violin, one can play pieces

The piano instrument is difficult to learn; however, with patience and dedication, you will master it in no time. You need to get comfortable with reading piano pieces and playing with both hands. … 

REGISTRATION The process of beginning  music instruction with me  usually follows this process:

1)  Initial Contact – the prospective student contacts me:
email: melodyasharp@gmail.com    web: melodyasharp.com

2)  Our first discussion, either by phone or by email, is usually short; I usually answer a couple of questions, we decide if there is sufficient mutual interest, then we set a time for an interview.

3)  Interview – the student comes to my music studio. The student has the opportunity to ask me any questions related to how music lessons will go and request verification of my credentials (my own music background, education, experience, certificates).  The interview is also where I might collect more information and make notes on the students’ music goals; this helps me to tailor lessons individually.

4)  Registration Form – at the end of the interview, if the student/parent(s) is ready to make a commitment to music lessons, they can fill out the registration form.  Alternatively, if they need more time to think about the commitment to taking on music lessons, they can bring the form with them and contact me later with their decision.  The registration form collects biographical data (name, age, contact info, etc.). I also ask the student to communicate his/her music goals.  If you prefer, you can download/print the registration form in advance and bring it to the interview with you.  I scan all completed registration forms and maintain these as PDF.  A digital copy is provided to the student (“client”) or parent.

Music Lessons Registration Form

This is NOT a contract and as such, the lesson day and time slot can be changed later as long as there is an open spot.

Interview Date:


Date of first lesson:

 The following should be decided between the student and teacher.

Here are some of the pictures of our Piano Performers On Stage

These are awards which are piano performers won in different competitions

Your spring piano recital is one of only a handful of times when your entire studio population is gathered under one roof.
Taking full advantage of this captive audience and delivering a brilliant recital welcome speech can accelerate your studio growth
Hi everyone to your melody music lessons, i want to tell people know that there will be students of many different ages, like me can win a award.
In doing this, you keep your audience’s expectations in check. Some audience members may assume that every child to grace the stage
It lets the parents in your audience see what their children can become and reminds them of where their children used to be.
“The children in my studio completed 357 pieces this year!” as opposed to, “Sarah earned a silver medal in her Grade 6 exam”.