Asharpmusicmethod.com LLC

I understand that I am signing my child or myself up for regular (weekly, or twice-weekly) music lessons that I will pay for in advance by the month. I will pay a non-refundable enrollment fee when I begin lessons. I understand that music lessons are best done on a regular basis for a set amount of time with practice in between and that adhering to a set schedule gets the best results over time.

Regularly changing schedules or often skipping or canceling lessons enters uncertainty and discontinuity for both the student and the teacher and reduces the likelihood of good progress.

I am signing up with a commitment to doing regular lessons to achieve a desired realistic result.

I understand and agree that the student(s) should be ready approximately 5 minutes before the lesson.

I understand and agree that if I need to reschedule a lesson that I must alert the teacher by text, email, voicemail or speaking in person, at least 48 hours (2 full days) or more prior to the regularly scheduled lessons. If I do not show up for a scheduled lesson or do not call and reschedule in time, the lesson will be forfeited without another lesson to make it up. This also applies to missed
scheduled make-up lessons.

I understand that I need to give notice by the 14th day of the prior month to suspend or cancel the music lessons for any period of time. Failure to suspend or cancel lessons by this date will cause me to pay in advance for the full amount for the next month.

These notice obligations are in place as the schedule space for lessons is reserved for each student until canceled.

I understand that ASharpMusicMethod.com LLC Inc. uses an Electronic payment method to collect student monthly payments for lessons, instrument rentals or purchase, deposits, group classes, enrollment fees, recital registration fees and other charges incurred for lessons.

I authorize ASharpMusicMethod.com LLC to make a change in the amount that is invoiced and to be paid if there are changes in the lesson length, new music books, recital registration fees or other fees.

By enrolling for music lessons I am agreeing to pay monthly using the electronic check payment system on or before the 25th of each month. I understand that my payment will be requested month-ly by email of an invoice that authorizing A Sharp Music Method Inc. to perform scheduled electronic funds transfer debits from my account identified within the EFT form, below, for the monthly payment of music lessons, instrument rental fees and other valid monthly charges incurred by music lessons or my relationship as a client with the company. I authorize ASharpMusicMethod.com LLC to make a change in the amount that is transferred if the lesson time or regularity is extended or reduced or if new books or other fees are billed.

I also agree to pay ASharpMusicMethod.com LLC a returned item fee of $25.00 per item for all returned unpaid echecks.
(Non Sufficient, Uncollected Funds, credit card or debit card over-limits, etc.)

I agree that this authorization remains in force until a cancellation of the lessons or instrument rental is made in writing to ASharpMusicMethod.com LLC on or before the 14th day of the month prior to the lessons being cancelled. Obligation of payments remains in full effect if notice is not received by the 14th day of the month prior to the lessons being cancelled. Written notice can be given to the teacher or by emailing such via the website contact. I further agree that I am responsible to ensure that the notice arrives in the office by the 14th day of the prior month.

I understand that with expansion the assigned teacher may change and that in this instance I will be consulted prior to such a change. Changes will occur for the following reasons: Student requires a different teacher; change of instrument being learned; personal requests by student or teacher to change teacher assignment or location change.

I understand that if I refer another student to A Sharp Music Method or any of its subsidiary Music Schools that I will receive a $20 “Noteworthy” referral appreciation once the referred student begins lessons.